Our Obsessive Philosophy of Renovation

Version 2

This kitchen photo is not a stock photograph. It’s not a photo of a random kitchen in a home we liked. It’s of an actual Turn Key property we sold to a local, repeat client, from Kansas City.

Our philosophy for our renovations is simple but obsessive. We want to have the best renovations of any turn key property, anywhere. If there are issues that will not make the property a safe, functional, and healthy home for our investor to own, and our tenant to live in, we will proactively fix or replace that issue. Every time we have the pleasure of hosting a client from out of town, they are astonished of level of rehab we require of ourselves.

Some things our clients tell us that sets us apart are our consistent and repeatable paint schemes and quality of painting; all electrical outlets, plugs, switches, floor vents, are replaced in every house. Each bedroom has a new ceiling fan installed. The bathrooms have new low-flow toilets and new vanities, plumbing lines, and faucets installed. If the windows are wooded or aging, they are replaced with new low-E vinyl windows. We never put a second layer on a roof; instead we tear off the existing roof and replace for maximum longevity of the roof. Every kitchen is either updated with painted cabinets or new cabinets if they need to be replaced, and then new counter tops, sink, faucet, and plumbing lines. Installation of new black or stainless and black appliances. We provide professional pictures at no charge so when we list your property to rent, it will look and market the best it can.

And, we share our entire basic scope of work with our clients so they know what we are doing in the home, and then we guarantee our work for the first 12 months of ownership.

In dealing with larger items like a roof or HVAC our barometer is simple: if the item doesn’t have at least 10 years of useful life left, we proactively replace them.

All of our obsession with having the best properties and owners comes from our desire to be the best and work with the best. Our end goal from the beginning of our relationship is for Bridge to be your real estate investment partner for years to come, helping you plan, implement, execute your long term real estate investing strategy.