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You’ve spent hundreds of hours, and how many days and weeks, maybe months, to save up money to invest in real estate.  Perhaps you had read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, or heard a family friend, a co-worker get you inspired to invest.  If you are like a lot

Why Bridge
Great question. One of the first questions we hear from clients all the time, is why Bridge? As a company, our philosophy drives us; we want to have the very best  turn key houses, best management, and best owners. Period.
Within the renovations, our maxim isn’t putting the preverbal lipstick on the

Nathan Brooks on Biggerpockets Episode 159
Nathan Brooks, one of our founders here at Bridge, had the pleasure of being on the BiggerPockets podcast for his second time this past year.  There are a lot of people it takes to help a business flip 60+ flips a year.  In this episode,