Why Investors Partner With Bridge in Turn Key Real Estate

14 Aug 2016 0

Why Bridge

Great question. One of the first questions we hear from clients all the time, is why Bridge? As a company, our philosophy drives us; we want to have the very best  turn key houses, best management, and best owners. Period.

Within the renovations, our maxim isn’t putting the preverbal lipstick on the pig.  We want to have the best houses, which takes discipline and planning to create a scope of work for a property to make sure everything within it is take care of, not just held together with some duck tape and spray foam, but fixed in a manner that solves the long term issue.

We take great pride in really understanding that buy and hold investing is for the long game.  And with that, we need to make sure the renovations in the property you will purchase will actually be a turn key house, meaning its fully renovated, updated, and doesn’t have deficiencies to deal with.

Check out one of our latest renovated properties here:

For Our Owners

Time and time again our owners want to have great communication, have a property they can be proud of it, and have transparency from the turn key provide they are working with.  We couldn’t agree more.

One of our clients recently left us a review on Facebook that said this:

Bridge Management has been terrific to work with. Nathan and his team are attentive, responsive, and professional. They deliver on their promises in a timely manner. Their properties are renovated to a very high level, and any time there has been a concern they have quickly resolved it. They are setting the standard for turnkey services in Kansas City.

For Our tenants

If we have the best properties, we can find better tenants for those properties.  Having better tenants leads to them caring for the property well, and being content and staying longer.  With a great rehab, there is a pride for that tenant, with their home.


We look forward to the opportunity to show you what makes Bridge Turn Key Investments the team you want to work with.

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