Nathan Brooks from Bridge on BiggerPockets Podcast Episode 159

6 Aug 2016 2

Nathan Brooks on Biggerpockets Episode 159

Nathan Brooks, one of our founders here at Bridge, had the pleasure of being on the BiggerPockets podcast for his second time this past year.  There are a lot of people it takes to help a business flip 60+ flips a year.  In this episode, they chatted about getting into the real estate business, and thoughts on growing a real estate business.

Want to hear some of our story!? Hear about an operation flipping more than 60 houses a year? Take an hour and check out … this podcast. Cheers!


Wonder what some of our after pictures look like from some of our most recent projects?

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Ready to Invest, here is a link from one of our latest properties sold.  Check out great professional pictures, review the Pro Forma, and find your own property to invest in.

Northland 4 Bedroom


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