Nathan Brooks – Video Blog 7-21-16

Nathan Brooks – Video Blog 7-21-16 #holytoiletsituation

HI, my name is Nathan Brooks, and a I a full time real estate investor and partner at Bridge, here in Kansas City.  We are a full service turnkey provider, offering both exceptional properties and in house property management.

This is my first video blog, introduction to what we are looking at in a potential property, overall appearance, and the type of rehab we would be doing for within the walls of this house.

Our goal with the videos and other content within our blog is the share information, fun, pictures, rehabs, and interesting people and deal … and help further educate people on real estate.  From buying turnkey investments out of state, reading a pro forma, what a real life flipping business looks like, and see the day to day workings of managing and rehabbing more than 60 flip properties a year… this is what we are here for.

Welcome to Bridge!

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